Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scrapbook Max

I had a comment asking 'what is Scrapbook Max?' Since I don't have an e-mail address for that lady I'll answer the question here. Scrapbook Max is scrapbook software. You can purchase scrapbook kits dedicated to this format or you can use any 'regular' scrapbook kit as long as the elements are jpg or png format. It is easy to use with the built in scrapbook kits. Everytime you buy something in the SBM format it automatically downloads into the program files after unzipping the files. It just takes a few extra clicks if you want to use outside kits. The only drawback is you can not save a QP in the png format and have it be useable in another program. Basically you have to create your layout in Scrapbook Max then use another program such as Gimp or in my case Microsoft Digital Image 2006 to make any adjustments. Over all I like the program and it is only about $50.00 which I think is a decent price. You can also get a free trial download to try the software out first. I hope this answered the question without too much extra jabbering from me.

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