Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heat wave

Here in southeastern Michigan it has been hot and humid the past couple of days. I say thank heavens for central air. However, I have the ever wonderful Monkey who is only 5 and he doesn't want to stay in the house. Totally understandable - he got a new bike for his birthday and it begs to be ridden. Yesterday I promised him that he could play out in the front yard under our huge tree with his sprinkler ball. I let him have all the fun he could handle for about 45 minutes then my thriftiness kicked in and I figured we wasted enough water.

I know we watered the lawn and flowers to but with my husband's job I try not to waste any money. He doesn't mind if I water the lawn, let our son play in his pool or the sprinkler. It's me. I guess it is from my years as being a single parent trying to stretch my paycheck - first with raising my sisters three kids then having our son. I've gotten off the subject here - sorry.

Monkey had a blast playing in the sprinkler. I just had to capture the moment on film. Monkey decided he wanted the girl on the layout too. I added the shades for coolness.

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