Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Emily's scarf

I finished my first scarf in a few years . This one is for Emily. She is the oldest of all my step-granddaughters. I didn't like the way my pattern was rolling and then I made it too long. Since I was making the pattern up as I went along no problem. I folded the scarf in half lengthwise and used a yarn needle to stitch it together. Now this shortened it up to a nice length and the warmth factor will be excellent but not quite pretty enough. Monkey was kind enough to model the scarf for me as pink really isn't his color. This weekend I'll pick up a cute patch or something to embellish it and add a velcro tab to keep it closed. Maybe I'll just leave it as is because it does have a different pattern on the other side. Sorry for the quality of my photos. I don't have the best light in this room.

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