Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Studio Featured Designer Challenge

The Studio has a few of the June challenges posted. I really enjoyed doing the designer challenge last month so I decided to go for it again this month. I decided to use one of my wedding photos for this challenge. Since I don't feel traditional wedding kits fit. We were married at a courthouse. My husband decided that we would get married just a couple of days before it happened. We got engaged on Christmas Day and couldn't decide on a date. I really wanted to marry on St. Patty's day as it was the 12th anniversary of our 1st date. Monte didn't want a weekday wedding but he also didn't want a fancy wedding. This is his second wedding and my first. Ultimately, I decided it didn't matter if it was large or small, fancy or plain so we decided to drive to another state and get married. Our wedding meal was breakfast at a resturant on the way back home. Cool thing was my aunt and niece got the waitress to bring us a blueberry muffin to stand in as the wedding cake. We split one muffin five ways.  The woman in the picture with us is my aunt. My niece took the picture. She isn't greatest picture taker so I'm lucky I got the ones I did get.

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