Monday, June 20, 2011

Emily's scarf

Well after asking my hubby for a second opinion on Emily's scarf I made the following changes. I added a section of Velcro and a button to the front. I really wanted a colorful patch but couldn't find anything I liked. I did however find these cute plastic flower shaped buttons. I got a pkg of 5 for less than $2. Which worked out just fine as Freyja's scarf was done in grape. Here is a picture of Emily's showing both the Velcro tab and the button and just a folded up shot of Freyja's. Freyja's pattern differs from Emily's as the whole back side of Freyja's was done in the garter stitch. I like them equally as well. Next up is a complete garter stitched scarf for my aunt made with a lovely shade of lavender called Orchid.

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