Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monkey's layout

The Studio had a Build A Snowman progressive challenge this week. Monkey watched me work on my layout yesterday and he wanted to make one too. Monkey picked out all the elements and I laid them out. Today was the last step so we finished both layouts. I'm only going to show you Monkey's as I think it looks very cute. Now Daddy was home tonight and he wasn't happy with his little snow Monkey having a pipe in his mouth but I had Monkey explain why to Daddy. Even after talking to Daddy Monkey wouldn't budge on removing the pipe and I don't see any reason to upset him. Now if it was a real pipe then maybe we'd have a problem. Daddy really can't say too much as he smokes and won't listen to me when I ask him to quit. Anyways here is the masterpiece.

Another Progressive Scrap at DDR

Since I've been doing the challenges at a few forum these past few months I've learned a lot. One of the things I've learned is they will throw you a curveball but I'm learning to adapt to this. One way is finding oddball elements that I think I'll never need. I searched thru all my sea shore kits and couldn't find a lantern. Then I remembered my oddball file. Sure enough I had a lantern in there. Yippee! I could finish my layout. This is one of my not quite so much of a 'hot mess'. Here we are with my latest masterpiece...
 There were some really good layouts. One day maybe my progressive ones will be as good.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hayden Timothy kit

It's that time of the month again... freebies. I have been working with a really cute baby boys kit called Hayden Timothy which can be bought from 4 My Babies Scraps with this link.

Here is a preview of the kit. Personally I think it speaks for itself. I love the colors and the cute elements.

I didn't take any pictures while I was pregnant nor did my husband take any during the birth of our son. The camera was in my over night bag which he forgot in the truck. I told him several times to bring it in but you know how men are. The only hospital picture I have is the official portrait taken by the staff. Also I worked full time so most of my pictures were taken while he was asleep - boring! Anyhow this is what I did with my limited pictures.




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Monday, July 11, 2011


Since my husbands adult children live in another state we don't see them often. We normally see his daugther, her husband and their child, Emily about three times a year. My husbands son, his wife and their two daugthers we only see twice a year. This year we only saw them once due to financial reasons we were unable to go to Freyja's second birthday. Also because of the distance we don't have too many photos either. Normally we get more of Emily but so far no professional ones just the ones I took when it was visiting time. We haven't gotten any real pictures of Freyja since last year as the ones I took at Emily's party Freyja had other more exciting things to do and I don't blame her. She doesn't know us - not really. Anyhow, I took the photos we got of Freyja that were taken around Valentine's Day 2010. I only had two so I did one layout. I used a kit called All Ears by Jamie Dell Scraps from 2010. Also a cute word art from Melanie's Digital Creations.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monkey's Mayham!

My little monkey has been cranky all day. I guess it was because of the heat and humidity that he didn't want to play outside but he was bored inside. I did take him to Lowe's this morning to pick up this weeks kid's project - a tow truck. Normally my husband takes the little guy but since he was en route from Gary, Indiana it was left to me. I hate building the projects there as the two choices are sit on the floor or use a not so sturdy table. I choose to bring the project home where we built it in the living room. How these kits are designed for kids I have no idea as they normally confuse adults. Anyhow, this one wasn't so bad and we had it built in no time. I took a picture of the finished project and will post that later as I don't feel like messing with the camera.

I desperately needed a break from the little guy so I retreated into the computer room for awhile. I made these two layouts. The first one was based on a sketch from Precious Pixels. I used a couple of kits from the MissesBeeHaven Blog Train. The second layout used a couple of kits from the DSF Blog Train.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Studio Challenges for July

Last night I was in the mood to do some scrapping and I needed to after Tuesday. Somehow we got a virus on our computer and we couldn't access the computer thru IE, FireFox or Google Chrome. I could access it thru my old AOL software. I ran every scan I could possibly run on our computer and still could not get on. Called AT&T Uverse this morning where after sitting on hold for just under 15 minutes I got a very helpful tech. He was amazed with all the work I had done to the computer and how much safety stuff I have on it to. He really thought I was going to have to contact Microsoft but he wanted me to try something first. It seems that whatever that virus was it keeps changing my LAN setting to proxy. Even now if I try to open another screen it sometimes won't connect but at least now I know to check that setting and change it back. That is a pain in the backside but my husband doesn't want to use my AOL software. He prefers the IE. I deleted off Firefox and Chrome as I see no reason to keep them. OK, I went off the subject of the challenges. By now you know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these challenges. However, my favorite one the progressive one was missed again. They keep changing the dang start date and Wednesday was the last day you could start. Oh, well there is next month. I did three layouts. One each for the Color, Clutter It and Featured Designer. Normally I don't do the color challenge. I just like to download the mini kits that others make for it. Well the starter mini kit was lovely so I had to scrap a page. I'm not going to post that one as I'm not really happy with it. I am going to post the Clutter It layout. That challenge is they give you a template and you have to clutter it. The first time I did it I took them seriously on the cluttering and found out all you really have to do is alter the template in some fashion. OK, not a hot mess layout. The other challenge was to make a layout with a mini kit by Let Me Scrapbook. They have some other challenges going on to but none that I want to do. So here are my layouts. I used the font Kim's hand for both. Surprisingly this font is pretty close to my own handwriting. The first layout was done for the Featured Designer.

This layout was for the Clutter It. I used the elements from the 4th of July kit by Winsor Digi-Designs and the paper from the July Mega Kit at the Studio.

Monday, July 4, 2011

My grumpy old troll

My husband has heart problems and just recently he gave me a scare when he refused to visit the ER when he had chest pains. He had a massive heart attack in August 2009 so this is nothing to be taken lightly. Well, Friday he went in for a simple heart cath procedure so the cardiologist can make a decision about putting in two more stents. Wonderful! The procedure went fantastic and the doctor decided he could go home instead of spending the night at the hospital. This couldn't be better for Monkey as he was so upset/worried/on the verge of tears about his Daddy. Monte decided he wanted to go to bed. No problem I go to check his wound site for complications. OMG! That man was the shade of a boiled lobster without the sun exposure. I call the cardiologist and I'm told to take him to the ER. My darling husband wanted to wait till morning before I called anyone. The ER doctor was stumped as he had never seen anything like it. He even read over the discharge papers because the procedure was done at a different hospital. All he knows is the cardiologist had better have some ideas. Saturday afternoon my husband started turning into a grumpy old troll. Man he was crankier than me. Ok, ok not that bad. I'm far worse. However, he was grumpy enough that the nurse made calls to get him evicted by 11PM Saturday night. Oh, man. Monkey was happy Daddy was coming home until he realised when Daddy is home Monkey can't watch cartoons. Hiding the remote won't work as Monkey tried telling Daddy a bad guy stole the remote then handed Daddy the remote to the ceiling fan. Daddy won. Even Mommy doesn't have control of the remote when Daddy is home. Twenty six hours later and my grumpy old troll is starting to feel much better and hopefully the rash will be gone soon so he can go back to work. Don't get me wrong I love having him home but he doesn't have any vacation time or sick time left after him being off work for about six weeks at the beginning of the year with complications from prostate surgery. Monte and I will only start worrying about paying all the bills and that won't help.

We did light some sparklers and a few fireworks for Monkey to watch tonight. That was fun.

Take care and Happy 4th of July!