Monday, July 4, 2011

My grumpy old troll

My husband has heart problems and just recently he gave me a scare when he refused to visit the ER when he had chest pains. He had a massive heart attack in August 2009 so this is nothing to be taken lightly. Well, Friday he went in for a simple heart cath procedure so the cardiologist can make a decision about putting in two more stents. Wonderful! The procedure went fantastic and the doctor decided he could go home instead of spending the night at the hospital. This couldn't be better for Monkey as he was so upset/worried/on the verge of tears about his Daddy. Monte decided he wanted to go to bed. No problem I go to check his wound site for complications. OMG! That man was the shade of a boiled lobster without the sun exposure. I call the cardiologist and I'm told to take him to the ER. My darling husband wanted to wait till morning before I called anyone. The ER doctor was stumped as he had never seen anything like it. He even read over the discharge papers because the procedure was done at a different hospital. All he knows is the cardiologist had better have some ideas. Saturday afternoon my husband started turning into a grumpy old troll. Man he was crankier than me. Ok, ok not that bad. I'm far worse. However, he was grumpy enough that the nurse made calls to get him evicted by 11PM Saturday night. Oh, man. Monkey was happy Daddy was coming home until he realised when Daddy is home Monkey can't watch cartoons. Hiding the remote won't work as Monkey tried telling Daddy a bad guy stole the remote then handed Daddy the remote to the ceiling fan. Daddy won. Even Mommy doesn't have control of the remote when Daddy is home. Twenty six hours later and my grumpy old troll is starting to feel much better and hopefully the rash will be gone soon so he can go back to work. Don't get me wrong I love having him home but he doesn't have any vacation time or sick time left after him being off work for about six weeks at the beginning of the year with complications from prostate surgery. Monte and I will only start worrying about paying all the bills and that won't help.

We did light some sparklers and a few fireworks for Monkey to watch tonight. That was fun.

Take care and Happy 4th of July!

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