Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monkey's Mayham!

My little monkey has been cranky all day. I guess it was because of the heat and humidity that he didn't want to play outside but he was bored inside. I did take him to Lowe's this morning to pick up this weeks kid's project - a tow truck. Normally my husband takes the little guy but since he was en route from Gary, Indiana it was left to me. I hate building the projects there as the two choices are sit on the floor or use a not so sturdy table. I choose to bring the project home where we built it in the living room. How these kits are designed for kids I have no idea as they normally confuse adults. Anyhow, this one wasn't so bad and we had it built in no time. I took a picture of the finished project and will post that later as I don't feel like messing with the camera.

I desperately needed a break from the little guy so I retreated into the computer room for awhile. I made these two layouts. The first one was based on a sketch from Precious Pixels. I used a couple of kits from the MissesBeeHaven Blog Train. The second layout used a couple of kits from the DSF Blog Train.

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