Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Studio Challenges for July

Last night I was in the mood to do some scrapping and I needed to after Tuesday. Somehow we got a virus on our computer and we couldn't access the computer thru IE, FireFox or Google Chrome. I could access it thru my old AOL software. I ran every scan I could possibly run on our computer and still could not get on. Called AT&T Uverse this morning where after sitting on hold for just under 15 minutes I got a very helpful tech. He was amazed with all the work I had done to the computer and how much safety stuff I have on it to. He really thought I was going to have to contact Microsoft but he wanted me to try something first. It seems that whatever that virus was it keeps changing my LAN setting to proxy. Even now if I try to open another screen it sometimes won't connect but at least now I know to check that setting and change it back. That is a pain in the backside but my husband doesn't want to use my AOL software. He prefers the IE. I deleted off Firefox and Chrome as I see no reason to keep them. OK, I went off the subject of the challenges. By now you know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these challenges. However, my favorite one the progressive one was missed again. They keep changing the dang start date and Wednesday was the last day you could start. Oh, well there is next month. I did three layouts. One each for the Color, Clutter It and Featured Designer. Normally I don't do the color challenge. I just like to download the mini kits that others make for it. Well the starter mini kit was lovely so I had to scrap a page. I'm not going to post that one as I'm not really happy with it. I am going to post the Clutter It layout. That challenge is they give you a template and you have to clutter it. The first time I did it I took them seriously on the cluttering and found out all you really have to do is alter the template in some fashion. OK, not a hot mess layout. The other challenge was to make a layout with a mini kit by Let Me Scrapbook. They have some other challenges going on to but none that I want to do. So here are my layouts. I used the font Kim's hand for both. Surprisingly this font is pretty close to my own handwriting. The first layout was done for the Featured Designer.

This layout was for the Clutter It. I used the elements from the 4th of July kit by Winsor Digi-Designs and the paper from the July Mega Kit at the Studio.

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