Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Fish Design Is Having A Sale

When LilyAnn started this kit she heard that Upstate New York was expecting their first snowfall.  That was the inspiration for this kit.  Last year was the first time her family went to their H.S., where there is a hill, where they went sledding and throwing snowballs.  They were having a ball frolicking in the snow.  That's when this kit was born!

Very popular these days with Teens and Tweens are the Photo Prop packs and the selfies taken using those props.  Also popular are Snap Chat photos which makes the person sometimes unrecognizable.  That's where my theme title came from... Incognito Photo Fun!

This template pair would be perfect for scrappin' the multiple photos taken during these photo shoots. These coordinate with the kit of the same name. These feature multiple photo spots in film strip style!

My layouts

Made with a free template by Marie H Designs.

Made with Incognito Photo Fun.

Made with Incognito Photo Fun.

Mixology - The Best Gifts

Soft greens and muted peach and yellows gently take November's Mixology to a heartfelt level. It reminds us that The Best Gifts in life are free. Mix and match to scrap memories of family gatherings, school awards and those precious moments. 

My layout

Made with a template by LissyKay Designs.


GDS Mixology November 2016
The Best Gifts are ones founded in love.

My layouts

Made with Swirl Around by Arizona Girl

Made with Natural Beauty Photograph Life by Arizona Girl

Shine Your Light and Project 365

Shine Your Light - Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Ponytails Designs
You are a beautiful and amazing person with the whole world ahead of you.  Let your light shine!
60 Total Elements (total count includes alternative styles, shadowed and/or color variations):
3 accordion flowers, 1 arrow, 1 banner, 1 border, 4 bows, 1 branch, 1  butterfly,7 buttons, 1 charm, 3 chippies, 1 doily, 7 flowers, 1 frame, 1 gold star, 3 leaves, 1 metal trim, 1 pointer, 5 ribbons, 2 ricrac, 1 scatter, 1 shooting star, 1 staple, 2 starbursts, 1 stitching, 2 strings, 2 tabs, 1 tag, 1 trimming, 3 washi 

7 brads, 7 chevrons, 7 hearts, 6 journal tags, 7 journal spots, 7 labels, 7 mini stars, 7 stars

Grunge/Paint: 12 various paint splatters
20 Patterned Papers
7 Solid/Cardstock Papers
2 Alphas: Uppercase letters, Numbers 0-9
Word Art: 9 word art designs
Journal Cards:  9 journal cards

Ready to tackle Project 365 this year? Then you’ll want to invest in these Project 365 template sets. Over the course of 2016, there will be 13 sets released with 4 unique templates in each set for a total of 52 templates in the series! Each template in the set will have room for 7 photos, making this a great way to keep up with your scrapping throughout the year. And these templates are great for your everyday pictures that just need some fun templates to get them scrapped.
As always, templates are provided in TIF, PSD & PNG formats; each file type is provided as a separate link so you only have to download the files you need.

My layouts

Made with Project 365 Set 11 by Double Trouble Scraps

Made during a speed scrap.


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Friendsgiving - Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Ponytails Designs
Many of us in my circle of friends have family that live far away.  Because of this we tend to spend our holidays (and almost everything else) together.  These are friends that are so much more than friends... they've become our family!  I'm very lucky to be surrounded by a group of friends who are always there for me... the good times and the bad.  For those of us who can't spend this Thanksgiving with family, I hope you'll be able to spend it with a family you've created for yourself.  Happy Friendsgiving! 
95 Total Elements (total count includes alternative styles, shadowed and/or color variations):
4 accordion flowers, 4 acorns, 1 banner, 4 bows, 5 brads, 2 branches, 1 butterfly, 8 buttons, 1 charm, 1 chevron, 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 doily, 8 flowers, 1 frame, 2 labels, 2 leaves, 3 paint splats, 2 pumpkins, 3 pumpkin seeds, 1 raffia tie, 4 ribbons, 2 ricrac, 2 scatters, 1 staple, 1 stitching, 3 strings, 1 string flower, 1 tag, 2 trimming, 1 turkey, 4 washi tape, 2 wineglass, 2 wine bottles, 1 wreath, 12 wordys
8 accordion flowers, 8 flags, 8 flairs, 8 glitter hearts, 8 journal spots, 8 mini flowers, 8 pennants, 8 swirls
20 Patterned Papers
9 Solid/Cardstock Papers
2 Alphas: Uppercase letters, Lowercase letters, Numbers 0-9 and some symbols
Word Art:
12 Word Art
9 Journal Cards

My layout

Made during a speed scrap