Monday, July 11, 2011


Since my husbands adult children live in another state we don't see them often. We normally see his daugther, her husband and their child, Emily about three times a year. My husbands son, his wife and their two daugthers we only see twice a year. This year we only saw them once due to financial reasons we were unable to go to Freyja's second birthday. Also because of the distance we don't have too many photos either. Normally we get more of Emily but so far no professional ones just the ones I took when it was visiting time. We haven't gotten any real pictures of Freyja since last year as the ones I took at Emily's party Freyja had other more exciting things to do and I don't blame her. She doesn't know us - not really. Anyhow, I took the photos we got of Freyja that were taken around Valentine's Day 2010. I only had two so I did one layout. I used a kit called All Ears by Jamie Dell Scraps from 2010. Also a cute word art from Melanie's Digital Creations.

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