Saturday, June 18, 2011

Calder's Dairy Farm

Wow, what a day!
Monkey passed out on the sofa really early last night and woke up about 2AM this morning. It took me two hours to get him back asleep. I was still awake going on 5AM. My husband woke us up at 8:30AM. There was no way I was ready to start the day. I sent the boys off to Home Depot for the kids workshop. Monkey goes to make the project and visit with his girlfriend, Kitty. Today they made a mini tool box for Father's Day. Monkey was so nice that when he got home he said I could have it to hold my craft pliers. I said isn't it for Dad and he replied no Daddy said you could use it. Here is what they built.

They also brought home breakfast from McDonald's. We don't normally eat fast food so it was nice not to cook. Picked up Aunt Sue and headed off to the farm. We had to make a couple of stops along the way. My husband had to see his cardiologist were he had an EKG and we made plans for him to go into the hospital. My husband has heart problems. He'll go into the hospital for some tests on July 1st then if all goes well he'll have more surgery over the Labor Day weekend. Finally, we are off to the farm. Monkey wanted chicken for his picnic so we stopped off at KFC for lunch.

Got to the picnic spot where I promptly spilled my beverage all over the ground. Luckily for me my husband was willing to share his drink. Ate our lunch under a pavilion which we shared with a beautiful male peacock. He of course left us by the time I got my camera out. After eating our lunch Monte and Monkey went to feed the Canadian Geese and ducks. We brought dry dog food along for the catfish in the pond as well. Didn't see to many fish but we did see a goose that was shot with an arrow. Luckily the bird was able to function with the arrow sticking thru it. Monte watched it fly so that was a relief but just seeing the bird broke my heart.

Aunt Sue wandered off on us as she was making friends with a cow. Monkey and his best buddy, a CPK baby named Drew, had to check out the mini dairy truck. Drew goes on a lot of trips with us. Monkey takes his job as Daddy very seriously.

From here we went and visited the donkeys and sheep. Then it was off to feed the calf's. Monkey got to feed one and boy was he excited. Aunt Sue got licked by an adult cow and man the look on her face as she never saw it coming. Next we had to visit the steer. They have a couple of long horns so that was nice. Inside one of the barns was a trio of rooster greeting Monkey with full vocals. Monkey started looking at this pile of hay off to one area by the horses. We didn't think much of it but he found a nest of four large eggs. We didn't see a momma hanging around so we have no idea what kind of animal they belong to but he was really excited to have found them. We then toured the birthing area. They had two brand new babies and three mommas waiting to deliver. Since it was a nice day in the upper 70's with the sun shinning and a breeze blowing it was perfect for some fresh made ice cream. We timed it just right because no sooner had we bought our ice cream the cows were lined up for milking. We sat in a viewing area watching the cows get milked and eating some nice creamy delicious chocolate ice cream. Monkey wanted to stay and watch all the cows get milked but since there was a couple hundred we weren't going to stay that long. Monkey also got a new t-shirt before we left.

I'm so glad that we had this belated birthday picnic for both my husband and Monkey. Just the joy on Monkey's face was worth all the pain I dealt with in walking today. That little boy makes everything worthwhile.

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