Sunday, October 30, 2011

All Aboard and some Freebies

Winsor Digi Designs has a new featured kit this week called 'All Aboard'. It will be availble for purchase sometime on Monday. As you know the featured kits are always at a giveaway price so please check it out.

Winsor Digi Designs

Here is what I made with this cute kit. 

left side LO

right side LO

Now for the freebies. The links will be valid for 14 days.

Left side QP
Right side QP

Monday, October 24, 2011

Layout Challenge at 4 My Babies Scraps

The winner of the layout challenge will win the "Costume Party BIG Bundle" when it comes out!! 
Challenge Rules:
1. Go to Just 4 Our Babies Store and purchase "Costume Party": Click Here to purchase the kit. There is also a coordinating alpha for "Costume Party" but you DO NOT have to purchase it to participate in the challenge, just know the alpha is not part of the BIG bundle.
2. Make a 12 x 12 digital layout with the kit.
3. Save your layout as a 600 x 600 .jpeg and e mail it to Michelle at
THAT'S IT!! oh, and HAVE FUN!!!
Michelle will then post all of your entries on her blog, for her followers to vote on the best layout.
Voting will go through Nov 15th
Any follower who leaves a comment/vote, on her blog, on the challenge entries will have a chance to win the "Costume Party" kit!! Just for saying which layout you like best!! Michelle will draw one winner from all those who leave a "vote".
The post with the layouts in it will remain at the top of her blog until the voting is complete and the winners have been announced!
Here is COSTUME PARTY!! You will love it!! I promise!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Freebies to be given away

Here we go again another Sunday drawing to a close. Did you have an enjoyable weekend? If you read my last post you know part of what we did this weekend. Today, well my husband had to suffer thru the Detroit Lions game while his beloved Chicago Bears played in England. At least things were happy for him, the Bears won and the Lions lost. Me, well I coped with the fallout of yesterdays adventure and a nasty allergy headache. This was not a day for me. OK, I did win a contest from so some little one in my family is going to get a Cabbage Patch doll for Christmas. I looked up the style of doll and that model runs $50.00. Cool! I'll take runner up any day.

Now the reason you stopped by today was to look at the halloween kits being offered at Winsor Digi Designs and grabbing a freebie or two. This week Chelsea will be featuring two new kits. One is geared towards the boys and is called 'Halloween Superhero' and the other is geared towards the girls 'Halloween Princess'. As you all know my little monkey is a boy so thankfully I have a pretty cute stand-in of my grand-niece, Nevaeh. Luckily both her and Nick enjoy getting their pictures taken. However, since Nevaeh is only 15 months I don't have any actual halloween pictures of her. So Monkey is in layouts for both kits. What to do when she moves out next week. I'm going to miss her little butt. Well, back to the sales pitch. As you know by now the kits will be offered this week for next to nothing. If you can afford a cup of coffee or a bottle of pop you can afford one of these kits.

Now for my layouts

Superhero #1

Superhero #2

Princess #1

Princess #2

And finally the prize at the end. Man this was worse than saying trick or treat!
All links will be active for 14 days.

Superhero #1
Superhero #2

Princess #1
Princess #2

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pre-Halloween happenings in the Goodman house

Tuesday Monkey went on his first ever school field trip. The kindergarten classes (Mrs. Craft and Mrs. Morey) took the kids to the Pumpkin Factory in Belleville, Michigan. No one I knew had heard of the place before so I looked it up online. While they don't have a website some people were kind enough to post some reviews. All the reviews were good and really correct. The farm is small and it does have the animals but not a petting area like what was stated. They did have hayrides where the kids picked a pumpkin to take home. The rule for the kids was whatever pumpkin they picked they had to be able to carry. Monkey didn't like that idea at all. We took a school bus for the trip. The kids really enjoyed themselves and I was happy Monkey had so much fun. I went on the trip to but I wasn't sure how I would be able to cope with all my medical problems. Thank heavens my hips didn't go out until the bus ride back to the school. By the time we returned to the school I could barely get up off the bench and walk off the bus. I almost didn't make it climbing down three steps to the pavement. Walked Nick back to his classroom at a snail pace because the pain was so unbearable. Monkey still had 90 minutes of school left and I didn't want to take him out early so I called Aunt Sue. Luckily she wasn't busy so she agreed to get Monkey from school and bring him home. As soon as I got home I took my prescription pain medication. It took me three days to recouperate from that trip but to see the joy on my sons face was worth it.

Today was the Boo Bash at the Toledo zoo. I had called earlier in the week to reserve a scooter but they had none left. Oh no! I was told they would reserve a wheelchair for me and leave a note with my reservation that if a scooter became available I was to get one. Well, that didn't happen. In fact they never reserved my wheelchair either. Luckily, one of the other locations had a wheelchair available so they brought it over to the main entrance. Monte isn't really in the position to push me as he has had both rotor cuffs operated on and he has developed joint problems too. We knew there would be a couple of tricky spots being steep uphill/downhill but we had forgotten about many other hills in the zoo. A lot of the animals were in there enclosures out of sight due to the costumes. The zoo was so crowded with pushy rude people that it wasn't as fun as it could be. Surprisingly enough it wasn't me who got cranky first it was Monkey. Normally it is me having to deal with the pain of my spinal issues and a scooter or a wheelchair. Monkey was just so cranky that he really wasn't even paying any attention to the treat lines. That said we really didn't spend much time looking at the animals that were out. In the end we did have an enjoyable time even if Monte's hips and back was sore and achy and every muscle in my body hurt. Even my knees were acting up. Next year I will try to book a scooter at least a week or two in advance. Heaven only knows how I will be able to function tomorrow as I can't sleep in my bed and I'm afraid you just don't get enough rest in a recliner.

Monkey got a decent amount of candy from todays outing and got to try a new resturant. We stopped off at a Sonic. We were really amazed with the friendliness of the staff, how quickly our order came and even how clean the bathroom was. I've gotten so used to going places and the staff act like they are doing you a favor by waiting on you. If ever we are back in that part of the state again and want lunch we'll stop in again.

On the 31st Monte will have to work - the life of a truck driver, so Aunt Sue said she will help me take Monkey Trick or Treating. Mr. Ironman only goes three blocks on both sides. We figure he gets more than enough candy and treats from those blocks that we don't have to do any more than that. No one on our block actually hands out anything so we have to go one block over and since it is a three block run from Telegraph Rd to the church he can handle that.

I will post some layouts of the trips as soon as I scrap them.

STS Featured Designer Challenge

Earlier today while visiting the STS forum I peeked in at the featured designer challenge. I was in luck as I had her freebie kit so I joined along. All participants will recieve a kit at the end of the challenge. I used 'Summer Afternoon' by Digital Scrap Fun.

Scrap for a Freebie Challenge at Coolscrapsdigital

Over at the Coolscrapsdigital forum they are having a challenge - get a free mini kit in exchange for scrapping a layout. Here is a preview of the free mini kit you can get.

Here is a link to the designers blog:

My layout.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Costume Party kit and freebies

This layout was made using the recently released kit 'Costume Party' by 4 My Babies Scraps which you can purchase for $1.50. Visit the store now:

All the costumed kids are hand drawn. 

Here are my layouts.




I've made all three layouts into 12x12 QP's in the PNG format for you to download. #3 does not have the word art on it.
Please remember to click on the picture to enlarge it before right clicking to save to your computer.
All links will be valid for 30 days. Thank you for stopping by.

Link for QP# 1 - click here
Link for QP# 2 - click here
Link for QP# 3 - click here

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Halloween and lots of Freebies

I'm posting this early - why because I was already blogging about something else. Starting Monday Chelsea at Winsor Digi Designs is having a new featured kit of the week - 'Happy Halloween'. I had fun playing with this kit so that means you are getting lots of goodies this go round. Firstly here is a preview of the kit.

Now for all my previews

The brag book pages are 5x7.

# 1

# 2

# 3

# 4

# 5

The QP's are 12x12

# 6

# 7

The links will be valid for 14 days.

brag book 5x7
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -

QP's 12x12
6 -
7 -

DigiScrapStation Freebie

Earlier this month I posted a 8x8 freebie for DigiScrapStation. For some reason Mediafire had my QP showing up as a small preview and as a jpg even though it was in their system as a png file and should have downloaded correctly. I deleted that link and change my old posting to the new link but here it is again.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spooky Cute by Edina Designs Digitally

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Mainly because our little monkey is five and he really enjoys it. We bought his costume last month just so that we wouldn't run into any issues with it being out of stock or anything. Monkey really wanted to be Iron Man so he will be. Another thing monkey enjoys and that is both trick or treating at the zoo and at the local 'open air' museum. Every year we drive to Ohio to visit the Toledo Zoo. We think it is far nicer than the Detroit Zoo.

So with that in mind I had just the right pictures to scrap the next kit I was given - 'Spooky Cute' by Edina Designs Digitally. The elements are cute enough for the younger kids but can also handle the spookier pictures you might have. Here is a preview of this fantastic kit and the store link.

My layouts.

Oops! I was supposed to tell you about this last week.

As you know I am part of the CT at DigiSisters. Last week I was given the pleasure to play with a delightful kit called 'Purple Passion'. This kit is great for purple lovers and luckily I'm a lover of purple. Here is a preview of the kit along with a link to the store.

Here are the layouts I made with the kit.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Yesterday I went and got an over due hair cut. I had decided several months ago to let my hair grow and forgo the hair cuts. Well, it got to the point where my hair was just looking so bad I decided to get it cut. After the stylist got me all settled in we discussed what I was doing with my hair and how I wanted it to be cut. Monkey was with me and he had gotten antsy in the waiting area so he came to stand by me. No big deal he does it all the time. So I was paying attention to him and not the stylist. After she gets done she asked how I liked it. I was honest and said I had issues with the bang and ear areas. She says well let me blow it out then tell me what you think. OK, she is going to town running her fingers thru my hair and when she gets done it is all off my face. Ok, things looked really good in the back and the front didn't look too bad. After I get back into my car my husband comments that it doesn't look like much was done. I said naw, she actually took off a decent amount. We then went grocery shopping and when we returned home I had such a massive headache I took my medication and took a nap.

After getting up from my nap my hair is a flaming mess so I go to repair it. I combed out the front and discovered that not only were my bangs never cut but the choppy mess I had around the ears before I went was still there. Of course, with it being a Sunday the shop was already closed and now I have to go back to get them to fix this mess. This is actually the second time this year that my hair hasn't been cut right. the first time I repaired it. This time I can't. The past couple of times my husband and son have gone their hair hasn't been cut short enough. All the info is in the notes on the computer yet it seems no one reads or even pays attention when you tell them what you want. Unfortunately there aren't any other places around here to go to. The barber down the street didn't impress my husband at all so he won't got back. Plus his shop looks like a dive. The beauty parlor across the street is going out of business and the last time I went there I got a perm and my hair was fried and my scalp was burnt. The other place down the road in the opposite direction can't keep help so that is a no go. Why is it so hard to find a reasonably priced salon and get a decent hair cut?!

Splish Splash and some Freebies

Hello and welcome to my blog. This week at Winsor Digi Designs the featured kit of the week will be Splish Splash. It will be at an introductory price that will be to good to pass up. Please visit the store here:

Here is a preview of the kit. I think this kit is both fun and versatile.

Here are some layouts I made with the kit.




Now for the part you were waiting freebies.

QP1 -
QP2 -
QP3 -

The links will be valid for 2 weeks.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Template challenge at DigiSisters Forum

Stop by the DigiSisters forum and do the template challenge. Not only will you get a psd format template but after you post your layout you will get a free mini kit for taking the challenge.

Here is what the template looks like.

This is what the mini kit looks like:

My layout.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

STS Recipe Challenge

It never fails. Just as soon as I think I'm so tired I will finally be able to get some sleep -no, it doesn't work out that way. First my stomach started growling really bad and there was no way to ignore it. So after eating a snack then I was wide awake and my pain medication was failing. So here I am 4 1/2 hours later writing on my blog waiting for the new batch of medication to kick in.

During this awake time I spent visiting with my house guest who should have been asleep but she had other ideas too. In fact we thought she was down for the night but she woke up screaming about a half hour ago. Since she is only 14 months and can't tell time we don't mind to much as long as Monkey doesn't get woken up. After all he has a hard full day of kindergarten ahead of him.

I also decided I would work on the Recipe challenge at STS. I had written down all my steps a couple of days ago so all I had to do was locate my items. I would be happier if the challenge had only called for three photos but I'm happy with how it turned out in the end.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trick or Treat kit by A-manda Creation

I had the pleasure of playing around with A-manda Creation's new kit called Trick or Treat. This kit is so cool I was almost drooling over it. Okay, I know what a visual. It might actually start a trend after you see it.

                         Here are a couple of layouts I made.

QP Collection Game At DSS and a freebie

Digi Scrappin Station has an all new QP Collection game going on at their forum.
Just download this full size kit and make a 8x8 QP freebie to giveaway on your blog and the forum. This game goes on all month and at the end come back by the forum and pick up all the free QP's that were made.
Here is a preview of this months kit: Count On Me by Throwing Some Scraps Around

All links for the QP's at the forum and on the blogs are valid until Nov. 30, 2011

Here is a preview of my layout. Again this is a 8x8 page.

Here is your link to download: http:

Monday, October 3, 2011

STS Challenges for October - Use It or Lose It

Pain who is my constant companion is keeping me from sleeping. My pain medications never take the pain away but usually just take the edge off aren't even putting me to sleep. Lucky me as both my left leg and right arm and hand have been playing the numbess game. So between the all over hurt of my fibromyalgia, the spinal pain from my numerous disc issues and the pain from my limbs going numb I'm doing very well. I picked up the free kit at the Stuff to Scrap store and made my layout. Of course my Scrapbook Max program had to give me some issues to like freezing up. Oh, the joy I call my life. Anyhow the challenge is figuring out what to do with this kit. I used two papers and made them into swirl borders and fit the flowers in for a little boy. Not bad for scrapping under the influence!

Game Night by Winsor Digi Designs and Freebies

Winsor Digi Designs has made a new kit called Game Night. This is a colorful kit that is really cool. It has blank cards to make your own playing cards, it has dice, puzzle pieces and anything else you might need to record your game nights. Stop by her blog later on today and check it out. This week it is the featured kit so that means you'll get it at a fantasic price.

Here is the link to Chelsea's blog:

Here are my layouts starring the ever willing subject - Monkey.



And of course it is freebie time. Links will be valid for 14 days.

QP#1 -
QP#2 -

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New kit from 4 My Babies Scraps and Freebies

Michelle at 4 My Babies Scraps has made a breast cancer kit called 'Linda'. If you visit her blog you can find a free alphabet for this kit and if you visit her store you can get the whole kit for free. The store can be found here:

This kit was made in honor of Michelle's mom, Linda who passed away in 2008. The kit is a lovely tribute to Linda. This kit is a wonderful way to remember your loved ones who may have passed on from breast cancer or to honor those who have survived it. My aunt is a survivor. Here is a preview of the kit.

Here are the two layouts I've made today with the kit. One is a versatile style which can be used for general scrapbooking and the other is a survivor themed layout.



My links will be valid all of October 2011.

QP# 1 -
QP# 2 -