Monday, October 10, 2011


Yesterday I went and got an over due hair cut. I had decided several months ago to let my hair grow and forgo the hair cuts. Well, it got to the point where my hair was just looking so bad I decided to get it cut. After the stylist got me all settled in we discussed what I was doing with my hair and how I wanted it to be cut. Monkey was with me and he had gotten antsy in the waiting area so he came to stand by me. No big deal he does it all the time. So I was paying attention to him and not the stylist. After she gets done she asked how I liked it. I was honest and said I had issues with the bang and ear areas. She says well let me blow it out then tell me what you think. OK, she is going to town running her fingers thru my hair and when she gets done it is all off my face. Ok, things looked really good in the back and the front didn't look too bad. After I get back into my car my husband comments that it doesn't look like much was done. I said naw, she actually took off a decent amount. We then went grocery shopping and when we returned home I had such a massive headache I took my medication and took a nap.

After getting up from my nap my hair is a flaming mess so I go to repair it. I combed out the front and discovered that not only were my bangs never cut but the choppy mess I had around the ears before I went was still there. Of course, with it being a Sunday the shop was already closed and now I have to go back to get them to fix this mess. This is actually the second time this year that my hair hasn't been cut right. the first time I repaired it. This time I can't. The past couple of times my husband and son have gone their hair hasn't been cut short enough. All the info is in the notes on the computer yet it seems no one reads or even pays attention when you tell them what you want. Unfortunately there aren't any other places around here to go to. The barber down the street didn't impress my husband at all so he won't got back. Plus his shop looks like a dive. The beauty parlor across the street is going out of business and the last time I went there I got a perm and my hair was fried and my scalp was burnt. The other place down the road in the opposite direction can't keep help so that is a no go. Why is it so hard to find a reasonably priced salon and get a decent hair cut?!

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