Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pre-Halloween happenings in the Goodman house

Tuesday Monkey went on his first ever school field trip. The kindergarten classes (Mrs. Craft and Mrs. Morey) took the kids to the Pumpkin Factory in Belleville, Michigan. No one I knew had heard of the place before so I looked it up online. While they don't have a website some people were kind enough to post some reviews. All the reviews were good and really correct. The farm is small and it does have the animals but not a petting area like what was stated. They did have hayrides where the kids picked a pumpkin to take home. The rule for the kids was whatever pumpkin they picked they had to be able to carry. Monkey didn't like that idea at all. We took a school bus for the trip. The kids really enjoyed themselves and I was happy Monkey had so much fun. I went on the trip to but I wasn't sure how I would be able to cope with all my medical problems. Thank heavens my hips didn't go out until the bus ride back to the school. By the time we returned to the school I could barely get up off the bench and walk off the bus. I almost didn't make it climbing down three steps to the pavement. Walked Nick back to his classroom at a snail pace because the pain was so unbearable. Monkey still had 90 minutes of school left and I didn't want to take him out early so I called Aunt Sue. Luckily she wasn't busy so she agreed to get Monkey from school and bring him home. As soon as I got home I took my prescription pain medication. It took me three days to recouperate from that trip but to see the joy on my sons face was worth it.

Today was the Boo Bash at the Toledo zoo. I had called earlier in the week to reserve a scooter but they had none left. Oh no! I was told they would reserve a wheelchair for me and leave a note with my reservation that if a scooter became available I was to get one. Well, that didn't happen. In fact they never reserved my wheelchair either. Luckily, one of the other locations had a wheelchair available so they brought it over to the main entrance. Monte isn't really in the position to push me as he has had both rotor cuffs operated on and he has developed joint problems too. We knew there would be a couple of tricky spots being steep uphill/downhill but we had forgotten about many other hills in the zoo. A lot of the animals were in there enclosures out of sight due to the costumes. The zoo was so crowded with pushy rude people that it wasn't as fun as it could be. Surprisingly enough it wasn't me who got cranky first it was Monkey. Normally it is me having to deal with the pain of my spinal issues and a scooter or a wheelchair. Monkey was just so cranky that he really wasn't even paying any attention to the treat lines. That said we really didn't spend much time looking at the animals that were out. In the end we did have an enjoyable time even if Monte's hips and back was sore and achy and every muscle in my body hurt. Even my knees were acting up. Next year I will try to book a scooter at least a week or two in advance. Heaven only knows how I will be able to function tomorrow as I can't sleep in my bed and I'm afraid you just don't get enough rest in a recliner.

Monkey got a decent amount of candy from todays outing and got to try a new resturant. We stopped off at a Sonic. We were really amazed with the friendliness of the staff, how quickly our order came and even how clean the bathroom was. I've gotten so used to going places and the staff act like they are doing you a favor by waiting on you. If ever we are back in that part of the state again and want lunch we'll stop in again.

On the 31st Monte will have to work - the life of a truck driver, so Aunt Sue said she will help me take Monkey Trick or Treating. Mr. Ironman only goes three blocks on both sides. We figure he gets more than enough candy and treats from those blocks that we don't have to do any more than that. No one on our block actually hands out anything so we have to go one block over and since it is a three block run from Telegraph Rd to the church he can handle that.

I will post some layouts of the trips as soon as I scrap them.

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