Friday, February 7, 2014

Will You Be Mine

Anyone else been crazy busy lately trying to get ready for Valentine's Day? If you haven't even thought of it yet, I have some template sets that will help you get ready for the day! First up are some fun card with the Will You Be Mine ~ Card templates, these can be made into either flat or 3D cards. Please note this was previously released at my Stuff to Scrap store.
On the left you can see the example is made as a flat card while on the right is a 3D card where I printed all the layers separately & then glued them together.
Kim did a lovely job with her flat card, her shadows really make the elements look like they are 3D but they aren't!
Last year I was frantically getting some treats ready for my sons' classmates at the 11th hour & since they have double the classmates this year, I was bound & determined to get things done early. While trying to figure out what we were going to give everyone, I got talked into picking up a bunch of Valentine's candy. Darn those small children! OK, not really but it's easy to blame them, LOL. What came out of my shopping trip were some more templates to add to my Will You Be Mine ~ Candy Wrapper templates. Please note this was previously released at my Stuff to Scrap store, however I have added 5 new templates to the set.
Here's a little closer look at all the wrappers, while I went a different route for the boys' classmates, all these lovely & yummy candies are going to various friends & family.
Love what Kim's wrapper, she used the same kit but it looks totally different from mine due to the different papers she used.
Finally I turned my cards into regular Will You Be Mine layout templates for those of you who don't venture into hybrid territory.
The ladies obliged me with these lovely layouts!

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