Monday, August 13, 2012

Nick's New Bank

While out shopping the other day Nick and I spotted some store brand 'Slim Jim's' and picked up a can. Nick has been on a 'Slim Jim' kick lately but the price of those sticks can add up quickly. We tried the 7-11 version which is way to greasy and has a funky coating. He loves the name brand and the Aldi store brand so it wasn't a problem to get him a can plus the sticks are smaller - just the right size for him and individually wrapped which is always a plus. When Nick took the last Slim Jim I held the can staring at it as I knew I could craft something with it. This can is the same circumference as a Pringle's can but smaller in height. A Pringle's can is about 9" tall where this can was only 6 1/4" tall. While I was thinking Nick asked if I would make him a bank. I said OK and set off to make his bank. I covered the can in scrapbook cardstock and cut down a paperboard sticker to hide the seam. I then let Nick pick up some stickers from my stash and he wanted some Suzy Zoo wildlife animals. Here is the final result. Nick loves it which is all that matters to me. I could have made something much nicer if I would have used my digital scrapbook supplies but my paper was calling me and I couldn't resist. I love paper, stickers and the whole 9 yards. I also cut a hole in the lid for the money slot.

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