Monday, August 13, 2012

Nick's New Backsack

Nick is into superhero's big time and I don't mind. When I was growing up my cousin, Eric and I were best of friends so I hung out with the boys and we watched lots of 'boy things' over the years. Plus being married and having a son I still watch 'boy things'. I just draw the line at boxing, as I see no reason for grown men to beat each other up to a pulp. Anyways Nick's two favorite hero's are Ironman and Batman. Nick tore up his backpack from last year so we promised to get him a new one before first grade started. Well, what I found was not a backpack but a backsack. Backsacks do not hold as much as a backpack and aren't as heavy. I saw two in a catalog and called the hubby to see if this would be an OK change. We agreed that Nick would love it as not many other kids if any would have one like it. So I told Monkey I needed his help and showed him the catalog and explained what it was. The backsack has an attached Batman cape that blows in the wind. The other choice was Superman but I knew what he wanted. I told him that Daddy said he could have it and we placed the order.

A week goes by and Monkey is going crazy waiting for his package to arrive. It finally does on a Thursday night so he can't take it to school the next day as he doesn't have school on Fridays. He did however wear it when we ran some errands. Now since he was Batman he kept referring to me at Batgirl. I only wish I had her figure. Of course we were also driving in the Batmobile which happens to be a PT Cruiser.

Wearing it backwards so his face would show.

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