Monday, November 21, 2011

My Little Monkey and I

Monkey and I are like two peas in a pod some days and oil and water the next. I have however, taken great pride in the fact that he never gets sick. In that he takes after his Dad. My husband hardly ever gets sick but he sure has the heart problems to make up for it.

It has always been pretty funny that whenever there was a doctors appointment for someone being sick it was always me. For a while even our insurance company tried offering me bribes to take the little guy in for appointments. No one ever believed that he didn't get sick. I was really proud that he never got sick. I think he would go to the doctors once a year for an illness and the rest of the time was just for his scheduled well baby check ups. Monkey even takes shots better than most adults. Earlier in the year he sliced open his lower left leg pretty good and the hospital gave him a tetnus booster just to be on the safe side even though all his shots were current. Any way the nurse was expecting kicking and screaming and god only knows what else. It is really funny to see the look on their faces when the little guy takes his shots without jerking, flinching or even a wimper.

Well, all this changed just as soon as he started school. He has already missed a couple of days last month for tonsilitis and that just about killed him as he loves school. This past Friday I had all the classic symptoms for a TMJ flare up but I went with my gut feelings and not what my ENT kept drilling into my head. Our family doctor squeezed me in after I got done having an MRA on my brain over at the hospital. We just joked around in the exam. Like I told him I couldn't possibly have a holiday without seeing him first and that I had nothing better to do then get sick. Turns out I had fluid behind both ears, a red raw throat along with the beginnings of bronchitis. He really thought we caught it in enough time so it wouldn't turn into a full blown case of bronchitis. Well, I wanted to call my ENT and give him a rasberry or two but I just gloated instead because I was right. While in the exam my MRA results came in and the only thing it showed was the cobwebs in the corners of my skull. Couldn't even find the dang spider. Just my luck he couldn't handle me being sick either. Seriously, it was a good scan and only showed my cyst and luckily that has not grown. It also finally ruled out every other problem that might be causing my chronic headaches. They now know without a doubt that I have a form of migraines. Good because now we know. Bad in that with all the medication I already take I can't take anything to treat them. Not so much fun. I left to go fill my prescription and find a dark place to hide and try to get better. The end of my story, no.

By Saturday afternoon I jumped over the edge into a full blown painfull case of bronchitis. OK, hubby is home to help take care of monkey. Only problem is now monkey isn't feeling well. He willingly took a nap. Then asked for his temperature to be taken. The hubster had already vetoed the temp thing while I was sleeping and didn't say anything to me when monkey asked. I had him get all the supplies and he sat for the beep to go off. Hubby was wrong the little guy had a fever of 101. So first he got some Tylenol then a cool bath. Couldn't get his fever to break and at one point it hit 102.7. I had to break the bad news - no school for him on Monday. The poor kid was practically crying because he wanted to go. Even Daddy had to explain why he needed to stay home. Now since this is a holiday week it was really going to be hard to get an appointment. Again our family doctor came thru because it is unusal for me to call for monkey. Now, monkey is the type of kid that no one ever thinks is sick because he gets hyper when he doesn't feel good. He is however a good boy for the most part. The doctor asks him what is wrong and monkey tells him everything. That is pretty good for a five year old. Ears get checked, not good. Throat gets checked, not good. Lungs get checked again not good. In the end it turns out the little guy had both ears infected, tonsilitis and bronchitis. That's my boy. He finally out did me in the illness department.

My husband is thankful his job keeps him away from home at the rare occurrences such as this. Got to love him he is honest. It may seem strange that I relish he is sicker than I. I'm just finally glad that eveyone knows he is mine. I really think that he not have started school he wouldn't be getting sick but I've never kept him in a germ free bubble so I'm just really surprised it has taken five and a half years for something like this to happen. What does that mean for us. It means monkey pushing Mommy's buttons and two mesirble people hanging out together watching cartoons on TV and fighting over who is going to let the dog out or in. Also means this won't be a very fun Thanksgiving.

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