Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Not sure how Halloween was where you live but it was so so here. Monkey was so looking forward to going trick or treating. Hey, this is pretty important stuff when you are five. He wanted to change into his Iron Man costume as soon as we got home from school. Naw, that didn't happen. I fixed him something to eat first and then he sat down to watch the sitcom version of the 'Addams Family'. The way he tells me what is going on in the program in such detail I hate to tell him that I watched it as a kid. Then he watch some Scooby Doo. Alright! I love the Scooby Doo in any form. Finally when he could stand it no longer I tell him we are off to pick up Aunt Sue. Since Daddy had to work tonight (the life of a truck driver) and we don't know when he is coming home next we needed a stand in. Since we never know when my hips are going to give out on me I needed someone to walk Monkey from house to house. We didn't do a lot this year as not one house had a light on on our block. We did a half a block on Aunt Sue's street then we drove to the three blocks to where we normally go and block one only has two lights lit so we didn't even stop on that block. Block two had a fair amount so Monkey did both sides of the street. Block three only had three lights lit so we passed up that street too. Monkey's school sent home a flyer stating that the local Methodist church was having a Trunk or Treat from 6PM to 8PM so we decided to just drive over there as it was close by. Oh, my there was at least two dozen people handing out candy and some bouncy houses for the kids to play on. They had other things listed on the flyer but we didn't end up staying for to long. Monkey collected some candy and we went to the bouncy house. My right hip was going but I pushed thru the pain. At the bouncy house they had three kids running the show. One girl was very responsible but the other girl and boy were rude. The one girl was just jumping up and down on the ledge and not letting any kids in. When I said something to her about not letting any kids get in she shot me a dirty look but never said anything. Next thing I know Monkey is laying on the cement just far enough away from the bounce house that he didn't fall. Another parent confirmed that the girl I spoke to pushed Monkey off the ledge of the bounce house onto the cement. Monkey is only five so just what did he do to deserve that. He landed hard on his left elbow but luckily nothing was broken. I was pissed to put it mildly. The same parent said this girl was shoving other kids too. I wanted to report her but alas I couldn't find any actual adults from the church in that area and the line to get into the church was unreal. We left. After we got home I looked at the flyer and noticed a website address so I visited it and got an e-mail address for one of the pastors and wrote an e-mail detailing what had happened. This really spoiled Monkey's night. He even asked me why she pushed him and I couldn't answer. He will soon get over this experience and probably won't remember it years from now but I sure will. At a church no less!

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