Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monkey is growing up

My little monkey is getting so big. First he started all day kindergarten in September and he never went to preschool so that was a big adjustment. All summer he kept telling us that he wasn't going to school as he hated it. Lo and behold once the little guy actually got there he loves it and hates to miss a day. Believe me I know. He missed two days of school last month with tonsillitis and his two day quarantine couldn't get over quick enough

I have already told the school that he will be absent on the 28th not due to an extended holiday but due to his Daddy having a heart operation. Monkey told me that was OK I could go to the hospital by myself and he would stay at school. One he would spend the day worrying about Daddy even though he says he wouldn't and secondly there would be no one available to pick him up from school. Our back up person will still be gone for the holiday. I understand he loves school and while we don't want him to miss class there are some things that just can't be avoided.

One a brighter note. Monkey has joined his first sport - basketball. I'm not really sure just how much actual time he will be playing because it is a group of five year olds. I wouldn't say Monkey is a fan either. He does have a Little Tykes hoop in the back yard that he plays with every so often and he sure doesn't watch it on TV. If he was going for a TV sport then his game would be either NASCAR or football. Da Bears! That is all I hear out of Monkey and Daddy. We chose the sport because it was the first year the school was offering it and we really think Monkey will learn a lot from the experience. Now Mommy has to learn to watch sports. Is it too late to get a girl? Seriously, I LOVE my little boy and whatever he decides to do in life I will support him. When he gets older Daddy wants Monkey to join the football team. That is when my worries will begin. Daddy used to play football in both high school and college. In fact in his senior year of college my husband blew out his knee playing basketball when he wasn't supposed to be playing any other sport. Well it ended his career but the player who took over his spot went on to be drafted by the Chicago Bears and played for a few years. Now, I hear about all the could have beens but as I remind him had he gone to the big leagues he won't have me or his little monkey. That is worth way more than football. Just don't tell the boys that.

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