Saturday, August 27, 2016

I Got A Feeling

When I hear I got a feeling I start singing the Billy Currington song but I am not blogging about Billy. * SIGH *
I am blogging about Leaving A Legacy's new kit.
I Got A Feeling is fun and it is for anyone who likes text and use emojis. My son, well he loves the chocolate ice cream swirl that everyone thinks is poo. Well this kit has that emoji too.

I Got A Feeling you are going to love this kit. I Got a Feeling is full of those fun loving emojis that everyone uses in texts and instant messages. You can find them in party supplies, pillows, clothes and so much more. I Got a Feeling is a fun bright kit for scrapping all those feelings and emotions you capture on a daily basis. Kit includes 68 elements, 17 papers plus recolors for a total of 21, 7 solid papers and 4 ombre papers 

Elements included: 
4 buttons, 4 journal cards, diamond, doughnut, 25 emoticons, flame emoji, 2 hand emojis, 6 flowers, 2 frames, 2 hearts, 2 leaves, slice of pizza, 4 ribbons, scatter, staple, 2 stitches, 2 tags, speech bubble, 5 twine strings and a unicorn emoji 

Right now it is 30% off.

I used this template pack for my layout. Not new but good.

My layout.

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