Friday, April 15, 2016

What's new on the home front

The past six weeks or so haven't been fun as we started off March with both Monkey and I getting sick but Monkey was worse and needed to go to urgent care. Not one week later I again am taking him to seek medical care but this time at the ER for a groin injury he got on the oversized tires on the playground. Now on the day he gets released to go back to gym from this injury his best friend grabs his arm and twists it, on their way back to the classroom from gym class. No one in the school thinks much of it but I have to take him again to the ER where they put him into a velcro splint because his wrist is badly sprained and he lost feeling to his fingers. While all his adventures were going on I am slowly getting sicker but the doctor doesn't feel it was necessary to give me anything stronger then cough syrup when we went for a checkup. Monkey got both cough syrup and antibiotics. I was told I could take some OTC cold medication. OK I buy them but the pills and syrup are not helping me and we had a weekend getaway planned. The pharmacist knew who was coming just by my cough. By this time I was sick for a month but I was determined to take Monkey to see his adult half-sister and her family so I just sucked it up.

We drive six hours and stop at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. By this time I am in the iffy stage and due to health issues I can't walk the museum so I get a wheelchair and Monkey agrees to push me (it used to be his dad's job when he was alive and Monkey says he is man enough to do it). Monkey pushes my wheelchair like a drunkin sailor but we are having fun. We always have fun when we meet up with Em (late hubby's oldest granddaughter), El (the youngest) and Michelle (his daughter). It is always funny when stangers try to figure out how we are related. They think the kids are siblings instead of uncle and nieces and we adults are stepdaughter and stepmom when we are only nine years apart. They never figure us adults out. First thing everyone except me does is take a trip down the chocolate slide. It is just a large slide that you enter on the second floor and exit on the first floor. I was left guarding our belongings as you can't take a wheelchair and a stroller down a slide. 

Then it was off to visit the Aliens and Androids exhibit. They had R2D2, Darth Vader, CP3O and a few others like Ironman. The kids did a scavenger hunt type thing during it as well. From there we went to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secrets of the Sewer exhibit. That was what Monkey was most excited about. He had been waiting months to see this exhibit and he was playing every game they had and helping Em win her trivia games too. Of by now the kids are starving so we take a lunch break at the museum cafe. Picky kids wanted stuff then didn't eat it. Em got away with more then Monkey did. 

After lunch it was time to see Pirates and Princesses: Storybook Adventures exhibit.

It was exactly as it seems.

Next we were off to Fables Across Time: Kalila and Dimna
Here the kids learned about how this Arabic collection of fables is similar to some of the tales in Western forklore. They also learned out drawing.

Now it is getting late as the museum was very crowded so we didn't see or do as much as we normally do we headed off to storytime. It was announced it was the story of the "Princess and the Pea" but there were no mattresses and no peas. Go figure!

We headed off to dinner at Chick-fil-A which was a first for Monkey and I. After dinner we all head to our hotel including my stepson-in-law so we can check in and go swimming. The kids and Jeff had fun in the pool. I wanted to go in the pool but since I was sick and coughing to much I decided it was best if I didn't. Pooh! After all the kids got worn out it was time for the family to leave and Monkey and I to chill for a little while. Monkey was in heaven as he got a sofa bed to sleep in. Kids!

Sunday morning we get up and meet the family for breakfast down the street. Afterwards they head to church and Monkey and I head back to the hotel to check out. One stop for snack foods for Monkey and some drinks and we are on the road again to go home. This trip home we take the scenic route. It was a little different then what my late husband would have driven but since he was a truck driver who traveled to nearly all the lower 48 he knew the short cuts. We were tired but happy to be home again and a cute little weiner dog was happy to see us when we walked in the door.

Roll on into April and I see the doctor again because I am still not better. This time she sends me for chest x-rays which I have to assume are OK because no one has called to say otherwise. I got a rx for antibiotics and cough pills. I have finished the antibiotics and have just started the second refill on the cough pills and I still feel like death warmed over. Pharmacist wants me to see a lung specalist if this bottle of cough pills don't work.


I have been taking Photoshop classes and here are a few of the layouts I made.

Basic week 4

Basic week 5

Basic week 6

Techniques week 5

Techniques week 6

Soon Monkey starts year three in flag football. His team jersey will be the Indianapolis Colts which while it isn't the Chicago Bears is cool because it is his sister's favorite team. Bears are his and his daddy's team but since daddy died mom said she will be his Bear buddy and now I to wear Chicago Bears clothing.

That's all in our little world.


  1. Hi, Kim! I stumbled upon your blog looking for the PNY blog train ... I hope you are feeling better! I've had serious cough issues this year, too. I think I have bad allergies (possibly to dust), because I only cough in certain places ... sure hope your doctors can figure out what is ailing you!
    {{hugs}} & prayers!