Sunday, April 17, 2016

My life as a Widow

I knew things weren't going to be easy once my husband died from cancer even though he tried to repair stuff around the house while he was feeling good. In the sixteen months since he has died the bathroom sink which has always been troublesome has been a bear. I have not been able to fix it and we knew all the tricks short of having a plumber pull out all our floor lines to the sewer. Where we live we have a unique system that not even the surrounding cities use so when you hire a plumber they have to be familiar with our system. Well Monkey and I have gotten used to empting the bucket under the sink. Now the bathtub is backing up and I have done all I can without a trip to Home Depot for some supplies to fix that. Which is always fun! That will happen this week when I get paid.

Now my husband went and rescreened several windows and the side door. Monkey has ripped the screen in the side kitchen window that my husband fixed and when I said something to him he responded by telling me daddy left the roll of screening in the garage. Great I have no clue on how to rescreen a window. He ripped out the screen in the side door over the winter and just yesterday he somehow managed to pop out the storm window in that door 3/4's of the way but I could neither get it to come out or go back in so it is temporarily taped in with some nice colorful duck tape. 

Now the funest of all the broken things. My front door lock even though it was unlocked at the time broke in the locked position so we are now unable to use our front door. I have watched more YouTube videos then I can count to fix doors. None pertain to the problem I have. I bought silicone lube and sprayed everything possible and still nothing. I need to make a trip out to the garage to fix the old front door locking system so I can get the inside door handle piece and a large fat flat-head screw driver and try one more thing to fix the door before I am forced to call a locksmith. Only problem is our house is located off from a major highway and with all the dust that is kicked up from the street as we are the corner house makes that trip to the garage ripe for kick starting my allergies and I don't need that at the moment so until I feel better we have to go through the laundry room to leave the house. Once a upon a time that was the way we came in and out of the house as we never had a key to the front door but we also had an accordian folding babygate blocking off the kitchen to the laundry room but since those are no longer legal for safety reasons I have to have a traditional babygate and it just doesn't work well. If I put up the kind that swings open the my Dachshund knows how to climb it and she gets into the cat's litter box - hence the babygate. So we have one of those extra high wooden gates. The cats can get over it because they jump up onto the kitchen counter and walk around the corner onto the washing machine. However there is no easy way to keep the wooden babygate standing up so we have a step stool at one end placed sideways up against the sink and the dry dog food bag against the other wall. What a pain especially at night trying to open it. At least if someone tried to break in they would leave screaming in frustration. Haha!

Monkey broke a section of the vinyl siding and tried to tell me that a wind storm picked up a large rock and threw it at the house and put a hole in it. Great! So his dad melted the siding by having the grill to close to the house in one spot and on the other side of the window is a hole. I can't win. I need a handyman and a ton of money.

We even had a mouse in the house a week or so ago and I wasn't happy with that but I got it taken care of. I do think the woman at Home Depot was sick of seeing me though.

Thankfully I still have my sense of humor in all this. I guess I'll be watching more YouTube videos for help!

Now if I could just get my husband's urn to do some work around the house as his melon list (what he called his honey do list) is getting pretty long.

Now I even have to pretend I love sports because daddy is no longer here. Thank heavens for data packages on smartphones. Shhh! don't tell Monkey that.

I guess since it is almost 5 AM I should try and get some sleep. Monkey will try and let me as he knows the rules. I sleep in a recliner in the living room due to health issues and have since he was about 3 so he is used to being quiet with the TV and such.

Night all.

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  1. I certainly feel your pain about widowhood. I am a member of a small church - there are seven single women and seven couples - and the men are so wonderful about helping out with the 'guy' things we all need. We do try to take care of what we can, but there are times... I hope you can find the help you need at a low cost. Hiring all that stuff out is expensive!