Thursday, February 25, 2016

Paris New York Blog Trains

I seem to get comments lately that I don't leave my freebies up long enough or they are not posted on time which is frustrating as I do not make up the rules for this blog train. I am not a designer I am just a CT on many different designers teams.

The rules for this blog train is that the links get posted at NOON Paris time. I try to post at that time. I live in Michigan so I am in the EST time and I sometimes forget the conversion time so my freebie will never get posted later than noon EST.

The time limit to give away the freebies is from the 15th to the 21st (states this right on that cute yellow train ticket we post) unless you are a designer and care to leave your freebie up longer. Again I am not a designer. I am using the same kits you can pick up along the way I just get them first and depending on whose kit I use I have to follow the rules of the game. I don't normally take down the links on the day after the freebies are to stop to give everyone an extra day to grab them. I'm sorry but I have better things to be doing then to watch my clock and at the stroke of midnight EST (because I am not going to be figuring out Paris time) on the 22nd to remove the link(s).

This quarters link wasn't taken down until around 11 PM or so on Feb. 24th so I think I gave ample time for people to stop by and grab my freebie. Personally I am sick and tired of all the complaining and I'm thinking about quitting this blog train due to the hassle.

I am trying to learn Photoshop so that the people who complain my quick pages don't have enough photo spaces will stop complaining because it won't take me 3 hours to convert my layouts to a quick page using my current software and then having to open it up in another program to cut out all the photo holes and make sure there are no stray pixels and all that. You have no idea what I go through to make just a quick page with one photo slot. Which is why you never see any embellishments near the photo slots because it just to hard to get it right with my current software. I would like to offer in future clusters and all that from most of the designers I work with hence me learning a new software but when all I hear are complaints I just want to throw in the towel. A few people say thanks but for the most part people just cruise on by without saying anything and I get it your time is valuable. I can understand a complaint if my link was busted then hey drop a line and I will fix it. If you want to leave a suggestion for a future freebie that isn't given to me in complaint form then go ahead.

The one thing that I find works really well if you find out that I have deactivated a link and you would like that freebie is just leave me a message stating I missed your freebie, here is my e-mail could you send it to me? Thank you. Guess what? I'll send it to you. I have no problem with it. All I am doing is following the rules set forth in the blog train. I understand life gets busy and we forgot to stop back by a stop that wasn't posted the first time we cruised by. However we don't have to be rude to the people making the freebies.

Thank you to all that took the time to read my rant.


  1. Read your rant and that's Ok. Don't always get things I would like due to time restraints and my own schedules. However, understand rules and if I miss something, it's "Oh well, so what" as far as I am concerned. Don't take complaints seriously as we seem to be a world of them. Just ignore them and do what you feel is right.

  2. Sorry to hear about the Drama you are going through. If I missed the kit I say oh well, just like this one, I missed it too, but am I going to write and complain, nope... I do Tutorials, and I know how long it takes to look at a kit and make something beautiful out of a few elements.. Please don't Quit doing what you do best and please forget about the haters out there, you will always find someone who doesn't agree with you.. Always remember there are people like myself who appreciate the freebies you share with us.

  3. It is a sad state of affairs when you belong to a community that so freely gives of there time and talent and some people feel the need to complain ......... I am retired and living on a fixed income and don't have alot left over at the end of the month. My scrap stash would be very basic and somewhat grim if it was't for the communities generosity. Thank you and please know that a lot of us are very grateful for the goodies that you gift to us.

  4. Oh boy .. people are just so rude!! I miss lots of stuff, especially seeing as there aren't many freebie listing sites around nowadays! You can't add everyone to your email list cos you never get time to read them all, lol. I rarely pick up the PNY train, but I am always grateful for whatever people freely give away! If people leave rude comments I'd tell them to give your page a skip next time. I can certainly see how this would be getting you down .. I can't design a thing, but I give away a lot of stuff to family & friends, and rarely get a thank you either! Quite honestly, I think there are a lot of trolls out there who probably don't even scrapbook who just go around leaving negativity wherever they land in internet land. Look at facebook!! I think there are professional negative peoples out there lol !! Keep your chin up, and do whatever makes you happier :)