Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Personal Musings

Personal update.

Right now our world has been turned upside down. My husband has terminal cancer and while we were told 9 to 12 months intially the cancer doctor was optimistic that since things were going so well over the summer with his chemo that he might live past 12 months. Not so. We just passed the six month mark and all of a sudden my husband took a turn for the worse and we are now just waiting for GOD to call him home. It might be a week or it could be a month it all depends on how quickily his liver shuts down. Hospice has been called and they will be at our house later on today to finalize all the paperwork. In the next couple of days I have to convert my living room into a hospital room which means a lot of changes as we have a small house.

Since he came home last night he has been sick, bouts of diarrhea and his heart has raced so quickly he wanted to die from the pain. I have had to call the cancer hospital twice and speak to staff on the ward he was on since he isn't under hospice care yet. The first time the nurse told me aren't you glad I gave you the number and told you to call me if anything came up. Cheeky monkey but he was right and very helpful. Brandon told me exactly what I needed to give him out of our stash of surplus and OTC medication. Then later when the pain and heart racing episode came on I called again because I didn't know if I should take him to the ER or just give him something from our stash of surplus mediacations. Barry who was Monday nights nurse asked what I had and I told him and he was kind enough to tell me what dosage to give him. Once hospice comes on then all my calls will be directed to them and they will only make him comfortable with maintenance medication, a hospital bed, IV fluids as he is so bloated he can't eat or drink the normal way and when the time comes he will be transferred to a hospital setting for his last few days. 

So I will post when life lets me.


  1. Hi Kimberley. I got goosebumps when I read your story! How cruel life can be. I lost my father (54 years old) 12 years ago. He too had cancer and we only had him for 6 weeks after he was diagnosed. It was a very difficult time. I wish you all a lot of strength..... Love from Holland, Claudia

  2. I wish you a lot of strength.
    Your French friend.