Sunday, December 7, 2014

Personal Musing

My husband has had more visitors in this past several days then we have had in years as we tend to be homebodies and rarely go out except for our little family unit of three or when we go to Indiana to visit his adult kids. While it has been nice to see his extended family it has been hard on him to because it just saps his energy.

We were told no IV fluids as it might cause congestive heart failure at this point and we do not want that. So he will just continue to do the best he can by drinking the protein shakes and water. He hasn't been able to eat food in weeks due to the liver enzymes changing that taste of food so badly that the gag reflex kicks in and he can't force it down.

Every day his pain level increases and he takes more and more pain medication. He is a man who hates to take medication so that alone has been hard on him. The more pain medication he gets the more he sleeps. I don't really know if at this stage that is good or bad.

I had planned on us getting another family photo taken this month but unless a family member takes it, it will not happen. This one was taken right after he finished his first round of chemo this summer and he made the comment the day before the photo shoot luckily I haven't lost my hair yet and I said have you looked in the mirror? He responded no why? I told him he was shedding worse then a sheep dog and the morning of the photo shoot he went and got his head shaved.

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