Saturday, April 5, 2014

Super Saturday Sale for Leaving A Legacy

It is Super Saturday and Leaving a Legacy Designs has Oh the Places You Won't Go and the Signs for you. Oh The Places You Won't Go is not your ordinary travel kit. Oh the Places focuses on all the things that could go wrong when you are traveling. Do you ever look back and laugh at the wrong turns, lack of gas, frequent potty stops and even the occasional flat tire or break down? If you have ever traveled with kids then you know about the Are We There Yet?, I'm Bored! and I have to pee! Why not document those funny moments or maybe not funny at the time. Here are a few layouts from myself and the team... LLD_OTP_LO3wLLD_OTP_LO2 LLD_MT_OTP_LO2_Robin_webLLD_OTP_Robin_web2012RoadTrip2013SmileforTravel_edited-1egésznapostúra_kjennKG_WT_LOLeaving_a_Legacy_Designs_-_Oh_the_Places_We_Won_t_Go_-_Are_we_There_Yet
 You can grab the kit for $2 today and the signs for $1!! LLD_OTP_PREVIEW BUYIT LLD_OTP_PAPERS LLD_OTP_ALPHA LLD_OTP_SIGNS BUYIT
 Now how about a freebie!? Trinity created this amazing quickpage for you. Head on over to the Leaving a Legacy Designs Blog to grab it!

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