Sunday, January 6, 2013

Speed Scraps - Yippee!!!

I've been doing some speed scraps lately. Normally I do the ones held at STS and SNP but I have been trying to do other ones as well. I think in the long run these will help me develop things like my clustering skills. Of course I don't always get things right. Oh, well - can't have it all.

This one I did at Scrap Orchard.

This one was done for Ginger Scraps.

This one was done at Gotta Pixel.

All are vastly different however I love how well each one turned out. The one at Scrap Orchard was a little different as you had to take a template and then make it work with the instructions. That was my very first layout at that forum. The littlest photo in the bottom right hand corner is my addition to the template. Now the one for Ginger Scraps I actually had a week to get that layout done. I really love the minimalist look. Lastly the one for Gotta Pixel I had 21 hours to complete. This works out really well with my medical issues. Of course the most important part of all my layouts is my subject for without Monkey I would have nothing to scrap. He may drive me crazy with his not listening and getting into trouble but he is my world. My little boy has an imagination that never sleeps. He is a bundle of energy and mischief but at the end of the day when he is sleeping he is a little angel. I wish I could say the same for his sidekick Bella. Bella is one bad little Dachshund! Who terrorizes the cats.

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