Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Releases at KapiSHOP

My dear friend, Sandrine has stocked her personal store with some more releases. Can you buy these kits at other stores, of course but you will not get the same value as if you would have purchased directly from her store. Why is that? Well, you cut out the middle man and Sandrine also includes bonuses with some of her products. In this posting we are going to feature - At The Lodge. Yes, that is the name of the STS blog hop freebie you picked up for free last month however, Sandrine has expanded it into a full kit.

Bring back the feeling of what Christmas was really meant to be. Cozied up under a quilt by the fire with family. Back when standard Christmas colors were gold, red and green. At The Lodge brings back that quaint, simple feeling of Christmas without all the bustle and hustle.
Please note that the kit also includes 1 pack of 5 Quick Pages: At The Lodge QP Vol 1.

The included quick page package is a $5 value that is only available if you purchase the kit from Sandrine's personal store. Along with the included quick page set you will also get a bonus. So that is two free gifts just by saving some money and buying directly. What a value!

Extra Bonus.

While you are at KapiSHOP picking up the kit why don't you check out the the first addon pack.

This is the first addon made using the At The Lodge kit.
At The Lodge Addon 1 includes 5 creative and awesome clusters. Just perfect to do great layouts with your Christmas photos!

My layouts.

The above were made with just the kit.

This layout was made using one of the addon 1 clusters plus a photomask (winter) and then a special plate that was made just for me which is the one that reads Nick. The next five layouts are the quick pages vol. 1.

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. TYSM! There's nothing to add. You told everything :-)
    What awesome pages!!!