Saturday, October 13, 2012

Getting Gray Hair

Most women are vain and I am one, at least about my hair. I have to color it at least a few times a year to cover my gray hair which is a futile endeavor. My husband loves me the way I am and thinks I should let my hair just turn gray. I told him while most men look good with gray hair and the fact he is 62 years old that is OK for him. I on the other hand am only 45 years old and I started turning gray at 24 and do not like my gray hair.

Well today we took Monkey to the pumpkin patch. As you know Monkey is only six years old. While standing in line waiting for the hayride I saw a gray hair on Monkey's head. Thinking it was one of mine or Daddy's I went to pluck it from the top of his head. Lo and behold that hair was attached to the boy's scalp. I yanked it out and showed him. Then I thought man I should have taken a picture as no one will believe me. About an hour later Monkey is sitting next to me on a bench and I glance down and see another gray hair. I really did try to get a photo but every shot was blurry as it was too close a shot. I asked if he wanted me to pluck or leave it. Monkey stated leave it. When Daddy came back to us I told him that Monk had another gray hair and wanted me to leave it. Daddy's response 'That's my boy!'.

I asked Monkey if he has a lot of stress in his life to cause the gray hair. He replied yes, it is very stressful to try and be good. I couldn't help but laugh.

So next time you are looking in the mirror and see a gray hair just think about my poor little boy who had two gray hairs at 6 years and 4.5 months old.

Monkey modeling his funny teeth. One of a set of three he got at the dollar store. He wanted vampire teeth but they didn't have any. He modeled these after eating a cupcake so that is what you see on his face.

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