Monday, September 24, 2012

Krista's Fairytale

On Sunday the world seemed to go crazy and Krista was in despair. She thought many things including giving up the two people who need her the most. I convinced her not to make that choice. I won't go into details what happened other than she was at the edge with nowhere to go and I don't mean anything sinister either. Since this blog contains stuff that both family and strangers will read I am deliberately leaving info out. Anyone who needs that information knows how to reach me. Well, today she knows that her God does indeed LOVE her. Yes, I know not everyone believes however Krista does very much and that is just part of who she is. When she needed something or someone to believe in her in her time of need HE was there. Krista's world went from bleak to happiness in just 24 hours. She got a call today from the housing authority that the apartment she so desperately needed was hers. Her and the kids can move in tomorrow. Now after many months of struggling she has her very own apartment and will not have to rely on the whims of others. I do not say kindness because for her it truly has been on the whim of another. Every time someone has offered to help her there have always been strings attached. Some strings were doable and some were not. However, not one person showed her mercy except for those who truly love her. It seems the ones who claimed to be Christian were the worst of the bunch. Everyone had a game to play and Krista was always on the losing team. Do not get me wrong I believe just not as strongly and I've seen the other side of many people and they can be very ugly. Including my own family. I got off track here a little. The children's father is no longer in the picture except for the role as their father. Krista is just learning she can only depend on herself and at 21 I expect her to pull herself up by the boot straps and not to let others pull her down. If you think I just said it was the father's fault in all of this than you are wrong. He just didn't help. This is Krista's fairytale and only she knows the end of the story but here are three of the major players. I wouldn't recast their roles to anyone.

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