Sunday, June 17, 2012

Spring Valley Trout Farm

My husband wanted to spend Father's Day fishing. Since he bought our son a fishing pole for his sixth birthday a few weeks ago this seemed like a good time to go. He selected a trout farm so there would be a better chance for Nick to catch a fish. In the end we didn't take Nick's new fishing pole as the farm had cane poles for use. Neither Nick nor I have ever gone fishing so this was an adventure that almost didn't happen. Not long after we left it started raining but since the farm is approximately  40 miles away we played it by ear. We stopped for brunch about 10 miles from the farm and it started to rain really bad. Monte was going to give up and go home then but Nick was so disappointed that we decided to continue on. Monte took the turn he thought we needed to be at and we ended up turning around to go back 1.2 miles from the farm so it took us an additional half hour to the farm when he finally decided to use the GPS on his cell phone. Thankfully that extra time caused the rain clouds to move. It cost us $5 each for Monte and Nick as they were fishing and $4 for me (non-fisher) to enter the farm.

We went to the children's pond first and Nick caught two rainbow trouts with help from Daddy. It was worth the trip just to see the look on Nick's face when he got those fish. From there we went to a catfish pond. Not sure how long we stayed there without a bite when I suggested we go to another pond. Within five minutes of moving Monte and Nick caught a catfish. Within another five minutes they caught a second catfish. I grabbed the net off the ground intending to hand it to Monte and I ended up netting the catfish for Nick. Monte didn't take a picture of it. I said we needed one as no one would believe that I got that close to a fish. From there we went to another trout pond. This time it took a little longer as it started to rain again but not to hard for Monte and Nick to catch the last fish of our trip. I again netted the fish and Monte took a picture this time.

We went to cash out and have the fish cleaned and de-boned. We had them filleted. I don't eat fish but I told Monte if he cooked them I would try it. Nick was getting very impatient as he couldn't wait to see them clobber the catfish over the head to kill them then clean them. They had a step outside the building in front of a window so people can watch while they do the cleaning. Nick stood watching the whole time our fish were being clubbed with a wooden mallet and de-boned. Now the boys have to freezer package the fish for eating another day as I had already taken something out of the freezer for tonight's dinner.

In the end it was a very enjoyable day and one I wouldn't have missed for the world. My boys had fun and I got to watch. We will do this again.

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