Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mixology Time Again - "My Girl"

Sale packs are $1.20

It doesn’t matter if your girl is big or little. It doesn’t matter if your girl is a girly girl or more of a tomboy, there is something for every girl in my pieces of this month’s Mixology! My Girl is EVERY girl, so scrap your self, your daughter, your grandma or your best friend or scenes that you see downtown. Don’t forget to pick up the rest of my pieces for only $1.20 and Mix and Match with the other GDS designers as well!

A set of 4 mask frames.
2 are floral and 2 are circles

A set of 4 masks.
2 with floral and 2 with circles

My layouts

Made with Arizona Girl and A Fish Design Mask 2.

Made with Arizona Girl - My Girl pieces and her Holiday Template: Hearts 

Made with Janece Suarez and A Fish Design Mask Frames

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