Sunday, October 4, 2015

October Bits N Pieces

It is that time of month for Scraps N Pieces - Bits N Pieces. Grab all the pieces now through the 7th for only one dollar a pack.

Oh that eyeroll and look of disgust... yup, I'm talking about your teenagers!  Nobody is as uncool as mom and dad.  What happened to that sweet little kid who wanted nothing more than to hang out with you?  The dreaded teen years have hit, but don't worry... one day your kid will be back, sweet as ever.  It just takes a few years to get there again. 

Well my husband won't have to worry about those dreaded teenage years again since he is no longer with us. He and I already lived through them once well twice for him. His kids were already adults when we met but I had my sister's kids who he helped me raise for several years and even after they went back to live with their mom we still had one nearly every weekend after Nick came along.

Here are my layouts and you will see you can use Teen Angst for more then just the teenage years.

Teen Angst made with a freebie from Craft-tastrophic

Teen Angst made with Bootastic

Bootastic template using an older kit Happy Fall Y'all by Leaving A Leagacy

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