Monday, June 16, 2014

Paris New York Blog Train

Normally I take part in the Paris New York blog train and I really thought I would be able to this time around but so far it hasn't happened yet.

My husband's cancer. 
We got the answers we didn't want to hear. He started chemo this past week. Chemotherapy has sure changed since my dad had leukemia in the mid to late 90's. My dad was always hospitalized for the week of the chemo and then be home a week then go back into the hospital on the third week when his immune system would be at the weakest. Now they do a three day chemotherapy on an outpatient basis. Day one is the longest at 5 hours and two different medications. Day two and three are about 90 minutes and only have one medication (a different one each day). Luckily. I had help as my husband's adult daughter came from out of state to be here for the official diagnosis and to take her dad to the hospital for the chemo on day one as it was also our son's last school day for the year. Our little monkey only had a half day and we have a routine that we do together every year. Just him and I. I didn't want to change his routine unless I had to.

After our tradition of lunch at his favorite eatery we ran a few errands. He is handling the we don't have money to do this or that OK right now. I do have to make some exceptions depending on what we are doing as I have no options. Day two for the chemo monkey and his sister spent the day together doing fun things like breakfast at McDonald's, playing at the park and then lunch at Wendy's. Yes, he even lucked out and got the toy he wanted in his kid's meal at Wendy's. Lucky boy. Day three was just the three of us. Monkey and I spent it at the hospital waiting room. Daddy got done in enough time for us to stop at Lowe's and Monkey could build his monthly project - a dragon. We built it at home in the kitchen so Daddy could lay down.

Monkey was very pleased with the end result. Toothless - a flying dragon from How To Train a Dragon 2. He has never seen either movie yet but he loves dinosaurs and dragons.

Father's Day saw my boys at Monkey's flag football game. My husband is the coach and he wasn't going to let those boys down for anything so he mustered everything in his being and we drove over to the local high school. Two of the other dads helped out by taking over the practice so hubby could rest until the game. Hubby coached the game and the boys won 20 to 19. A narrow win but they are continuing their winning streak of 5 and 0. Just 2 more games left of this season.

I took some pictures while everyone was on a water break during practice and made this layout with some kits and template by Luv Ewe Designs for a contest.

That is all for now. Take care and give an extra cuddle to your loved ones because you never know.

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  1. No worry! The most important thing right now is YOUR family.
    BTW - Very nice page layout with Nick and Monte.