Monday, May 26, 2014

Sandy Shores Addon 1

Sandy Shores Addon 1 includes 3 elegant borders.

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I forgot all about these pictures. I had a long weekend in San Francisco the weekend I turned 24 and the twins were born. I actually came back February 11th. The twins were born on the 12th and my birthday was on the 13th. I was supposed to go with my mom but at the last minute she backed out and I went and stayed with her friends whom I did not know. However, after my trip had I had a passport (I finally got one nine years later) they had liked me so well that they were going to take me on their family trip (they were trying to fix me up with their son) - all expenses paid by them to Australia. Damn I wish I would have had a passport but I didn't have a use for one back then because I could cross over into Canada without one. 

Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day!

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