Sunday, March 23, 2014

Featured Designer

Hello there everyone! This week Stephanie of DoubleTrouble Scraps has the honor of being the Featured Designer at Scraps N Pieces & she hopes y'all like what she has planned! First off, a little bit about Stephanie.
Stephanie has a few fun things planned for the week, check them out!
As you may have noticed in the third question, Stephanie's family in the middle of a move! OK, so they haven't actually moved out of Illinois yet but they are in full planning mode. Because of that, Stephanie going to make things a little easy & just have a few fun challenges for everyone to participate in. Head on over to the Featured Designer section of the forum for more information. And make sure to check out the DoubleTrouble Scraps store which will be on sale for 40% off until March 31st so it's a good time to pick up one of her template sets to check out her style!

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