Saturday, July 7, 2012

Knock Out Style Tool

Knock Out Styles will turn any layout into a quick page in ONE click!! This is a MUST have tool for any designer and all CTS!! The file includes asl and psd format.

If you are a PSE user and LOVE using styles, but hate having to load them then I have a solution just for you!! ASL files must be installed into Photoshop Elements in order to use them. If a PSE user has too many styles load, the system will run very slow. This can be very frustrating!! ASL Inclusive is an alternative to having to load layer styles into your system. ASL Inclusive is simply a PSD file which includes each layer style that is in the asl file.

Detailed instructions are included for the ASL Inclusive, How to use the Knock Out Style and how to load your layer styles into Photoshop Elements.

No credit required. The end result is yours to do with. This is a tool that is meant to save you time in scrapbooking. You can find this product at Scraps N Pieces.

I as a CT member who makes quick pages to give as gifts would love to have this tool. It would be so helpful and make life so much easier but alas I do not have the right software to use this product with. 

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  1. I have this style, and I must say it makes my life so much easier! Love it!