Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our life

One of my husbands granddaughters just turned two. Very disappointed that we are not able to visit them as they live in another state. Monkey was really looking forward to visiting all three of his half-nieces. Happy note is his oldest niece may be coming here for his belated birthday. Monkey will be five on Tuesday. Normally we have his party the Saturday before but that day was reserved for the two year old's birthday. My hubby's birthday is June 13th so we are taking Monkey to a dairy farm with a few family members to celebrate both their birthdays. We will have a nice picnic lunch, visit with the animals and finish it off with some ice cream. Monkey actually chose the location. He had three choices - Greenfield Village, Toledo Zoo or Calder's Farm. By picking the farm he really helped me out as I can't walk too far and renting a scooter just costs to darn much.

I've seen two surgeons in the past week. Due to all my spinal problems and the degenerative disk disease further surgery is out of the question. I have to live with all the pain and numbness. On a happy note my recent surgery for another problem was good. I do not have cancer and I'm healing far better than one would expect with three different procedures. I still won't be fully healed for about another six weeks.

Other good news. My niece has graduated from high school. She should have graduated two years ago but I had her held back one year and last year she didn't finish due to some issues with teacher accreditation. Plus the birth of her baby. She will not be going to her ceremony due to moving out of state. She is disappointed but the move is really good for her, her boyfriend and the baby. I wish them luck in their adventures.

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